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Monika Gapp Jeremy Gapp Torsten Gapp

Warehouse Unit 1 & 3

Carrygally Business Park

F92N6FT Letterkenny Co. Donegal

+353 (74) 920 4010


ToGa and KSE is a merger of an established and a nascent company in precision mechanics and electronics.

ToGa Electronic was founded in January 2000 and initially focused on cable assembly. Over time, various new opportunities arose in the form of component assembly and manufacturing, as well as software and hardware development.

To meet the growing requirements, KSE Electronic was founded in January 2010. The areas of cable assembly, connector assembly and electrical connection systems were outsourced to this company. This allowed ToGa Electronic to concentrate fully on the areas of software and hardware development, PCB assembly, module development, assembly and special projects.

As the systematics became increasingly specialised, an in-house CNC machining department was incorporated into production in April 2016. This enables us to offer our customers complete solutions in the areas of electrical engineering, electro-mechanics and fully "in-house" developed systems.

To maintain price stability and flexibility, an additional manufacturing facility was established in Ireland.

With  II I - E - E - D , completely new perspectives and opportunities .